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Think Spa provides private one to one coaching, group training and behavioural development for individuals and businesses. With our solid background and experience in psychology we offer expertise in this field. We unlock potential in individuals by building confidence and raising self-awareness. We use a variety of practical, realistic and impactful methods that are easily adopted and sustained.

We take Psychology to people by making it real and tangible. We have a unique approach to each client and we guarantee a bespoke service that is relevant to your organisation’s development needs, ensuring the solution that matches the culture, vision and goals of your business. We build sustainable in-house capabilities that maximise your investment.

Organisational success is dependent on the calibre of your staff. Think Spa development ensures a productive, engaged, motivated workforce. Regardless of the job or level of staff, we build confidence and enable your employees to better manage and engage in the work environment.

Personal – One to One coaching

Personal success is dependent on having the attitude, ability and resilience to get through any obstacle that life can present. Bespoke coaching ensures you have timely and bespoke development to grow positively and effectively as an individual. Regardless of the hurdles you are winning and being the best.


We conduct bespoke training needs analysis and create development solutions that ensure your staff have the skills required to interact with people across the globe.  Our training programs ensure the smooth progression of your talent pipeline.  We go beyond any organisations expectations to ensure that our clients are given the essential skills and development necessary for any successful business.

Open events

If you care about personal development and want to reach your full potential open sessions are for you. We offer a range of workshops, evening and day seminars to help you grow, develop and meet like-minded people within an open learning environment that suits you. Get into the driving seat of your life and invest in your own development.


We work with developing kids into self aware thinking leaders. We inspire and recognise strengths in youth that enable a strong sense of self and inner confidence. We support youth by helping them to gain clarity on their values, behavioural drivers and gaols in life. Kids go away feeling confident, strong and focused and strive towards achieveing their goals.

Mamta Saha – Director, Think Spa

Psychologist Mamta Saha is the Director of Think Spa.  She appears frequently in the media, specifically on: Sky News, BBC Radio, Talk Sport Radio, The Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, Stylist Magazine and The Daily Mail.  Mamta is also heavily featured in International media: Talk Radio Europe, Viva magazine and  The Gulf Magazine.  She has also represented Logitech, Santander and T-Mobile as their Media Psychologist.   Mamta makes psychology simple, real, applicable and fun.  For more information see Think Spa in the Media.

Mamta has spent much time working for blue-chip companies internationally.  She has worked with the likes of BP, KPMG, Tesco UK, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India.  She has also added value to employee’s at Accenture, The Home office, The Royal Mail and London’s No 1 private hospital group – HCA (Harley Street Clinic, London Bridge Hospital etc), The Royal Opera House, Freedman International, Deutsche Bank and PWC.

With her solid background and experience in human psychology, she offer’s significant expertise in this field by unlocking potential in individuals and building confidence and self-awareness.  She uses a variety of practical, realistic and impactful methods that are easily adopted and sustained.  Mamta also provides private one to one coaching, group training, organisational consultancy and behavioural development.

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